Inter-Club Summer Competition Rounds

I have put together a set of rounds that you can shoot over the next few months,I have put them into categories of age and discipline, a novice archer is someone who has been shooting for less that 12 months, but considering the interruptions with covid the novice classification extend back to Jan2020.

Each time you shoot a round you can email your scores to me and I will update the sheet and the winners will be announced at the end of the outdoor season, you can shoot each round as many times as you wish and your best score will be counted.

For our newer members, when you have shot a round (even if it is not on the attached sheet) you should give your scores to Peter, Peter will then put these scores in to a program and for 3 scores you give him you will receive a handicap/classification. I would point out that there are badges to be earned as you progress through these.