Bow Drills

Below are a set of videos showing a range of exercises that you can do with your bow to aid in maintaining your shooting form, they are also designed to help with specific strength training for archery.

In the video Gabriel is using a form Master, you can do these without a form master but the formaster allows to complete the exercises with the weight on the elbow not the fingers. You can also carry out these exercises with an exercise band.

Instructions on how to make your own form master.

Benefits of using the form master.

Improved Posture: It should improve symmetry of motion by encouraging proper muscle use.
Improved Strength: The large muscle groups in the back can perform more efficiently than the muscles of the arm in drawing the bow. Allowing the exercise to be done over and over and so there is less fatigue
Improved Technique: By using the right muscle groups the archer will not collapse or creep at release
Focus: The archer can learn the feeling of proper muscle group contractions without needing to focus on other parts of the shot

Remember to warm up first

Bow Drills

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Coaching Boost

Archery GB have devised ‘Boost Archery’ you all at Worcester Bowmen are very fortunate to have 4 qualified coaches to hand. All of us are trained and skilled not only in delivering Beginners courses but performance coaching. Coaching is your personal development, how far you want to progress not always problem solving. All too often we think we only need to ask a coach when it goes wrong when often we should think how do we want improve. Please see me or Steve.
Take a look at the attached as it is a guide. First Monday of each month is predominantly coaching night (just so us coaches get an opportunity to shoot too). Steve and I are currently attending a World Archery Level 1 course and we graduate next Sunday. This is teaching us performance coaching and improving our skills to bring back to club for you.
Worcester Bowmen Coaches have an open door policy to every club member to assist and help where needed. We want you to be the best you can be or go to the level you want to achieve and have a much fun as you can whilst you are doing it.
Worcester Bowmen Coaches
Macaulay Warren
Reg Harwell
Steve Groves
Jamie Beese-Raybould (Archery Leader Award)